Sommelier Q&A


  • Favourite BC Winery or BC VQA wine:  Laughing Stock
  • Favourite BC Restaurant:  Farmers Apprentice
  • Best thing about living in BC: Living in a great food and wine cultured city with amazing ingredients grown all over the Province  and of course living in Vancouver we are blessed with the multiple wine regions a short drive or ferry away.
  • Favourite local ingredients to pair with:  Gelderman’s Pork
  • Favourite BC wine and BC food pairing:  Laughing Stock, Viognier with Vij’s Pork Tenderloin in creamy curry on spicy milt pilaf
  • Best wine & food event:  Vancouver International Wine Festival


  • Favourite BC Winery or BC VQA Wine: We are fortunate in B.C. to have many great wineries that showcase the Riesling, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape, which grow very well in the region. Three vineyards that I find deliver exceptional wines which are also a great value are: Meyer Family Vineyards, Haywire Winery and Tantalus Vineyards.
  • Favourite BC Restaurant: Right now I am enjoying The Farmer’s Apprentice on West 6th  Avenue in Vancouver. It is evident chef David Gunawan is having a lot of fun – his creativity shows on the plate.
  • Best thing about living in BC: Being so close to the water is fantastic. It reminds me of growing up in Bretagne (Brittany) on the west coast of France, where I was always within walking distance to water. It also allows provides us with access to excellent seafood.
  • Favourite local ingredients to pair with: For me, it’s an obvious choice: Dungeness crab. Of all the crab I have tasted in my travels, Dungeness has the most flavour and it pairs beautifully with some of our local white wines.
  • Favourite BC wine and BC food pairing: A chilled Dungeness crab paired with an un-oaked Pinot Gris, such as the one from Haywire Vineyards
  • Best wine and food event: The Vancouver International Wine Festival is a vibrant event, and showcases incredible wine. I usually find inspiration here for the Cactus Club Cafe wine list each year.  There is always an infectious buzz around town, incredible food and wine pairing events, and I love the opportunity to taste and discover new wines.


  • Favourite BC Winery – Foxtrot – I think their Pinot Noir is outstanding and shows lovely Old World complexity and New World power. It is a small boutique producer focused on quality and committed to excellence. They have a charming owner who really drives their top-notch wine making.
  • Favourite BC Restaurant – Blue Water Cafe. Chef Pabst’s Unsung Heroes menu celebrates lesser-known local seafood; it is delicious AND informative.
  • Best thing about living in BC – I love being able to ski, golf and have a world class dining experience all in the same day!
  • Favourite local ingredients to pair with – So many to choose from! BC Spot Prawns, Pemberton crosnes, foraged chanterelles, sablefish, and Arctic Char definitely make the list.
  • Favourite BC wine and BC food pairing – BC Mackerel (saba) served nigiri style and Tantalus Old Vines Riesling.
  • Best wine and food event – Hard to beat Vancouver International Wine Festival, every year is epic!